Polls are Jumping

s6301399-smallJust leaving St. Anthony’s Parish Center in North Adams, which has seen a steady stream of voters since early\ this morning.

Three ladies who declined to give their names or presidential preference said they were regular voters and,   besides, it was “a beautiful day to vote.” It certainly. This fall day seems more like spring and I’m seeing more t-shirts than overcoats.  But, said one, “it will be more beautiful if the right candidate wins.”

Polling officials say they’re seeing lots of new faces and first-time voters. One young woman was congratulated as she cast her first ballot ever.

Off to South County after a load of technical troubles kept us northbound for too long.


Voting Early


The polls opened at 7 a.m. this morning and city and town clerks are bracing for an influx of voters as the day goes on. Adams and Williamstown were reported busy with lighter voting in North Adams.

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