Signs, Signs, Where are all the Signs??

Having worked in Pittsfield for number of years, I’ve come to anticipate the blooming of signs every election. Yet here we are, with a historic election and controversial ballot initiatives and no signs at the Coltsville Corner or Park Square. One brave woman stood alone at the Park Square intersection urging people to vote to ban greyhound racing. She was lost in the din of the traffic.

s6301413-smallA sadly vacant Park Square.

Where is the noisy, colorful cheering that welcomed motorists into Berkshires biggest city? Is everyone so sure of the outcome they’re not bothering? Or is it just to nice a day to stand in the sun with a sign?

Anybody have an answer?

Update: All the sign action was on Monday. Everybody was at the polls today, I was informed. I could have sworn I’d driven by signholders on Election Day before but I must be misremembering, or my mind is going.

I still don’t think there were as many signs as in past years. I didn’t get to all the polls but the half-dozen I hit had few signholders when I was there – and even fewer of them GOP.

Below, a couple GOP signs in Williamstown.


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