Making History


Somewhere in that sea of people was our former reporter Jen Thomas, who’s earning her master’s in journalism in Chicago. Jen was lucky enough to get tickets into the massive, million-strong party crowd that flooded into Chicago’s Grant Park on Tuesday night to greet the nation’s next president. Here’s a few photos she took. We’ll have more posted tomorrow.


Some More Returns

Berkshire County was in agreement with the rest of the state this election, supporting Obama for president and Kerry for another term. It also rejected the controversial Question 1 and supported both a measure decriminalizing pot and one banning dog racing in the state. They also helped Olver to another term in the U.S. House.

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Returns Coming In

Not surprisingly, Obama soared to victory in Pittsfield, taking 14, 503 votes to McCain’s 4,085 with 13 of 14 precincts reporting. Kerry and Olver are posting similar numbers. What’s surprising is that Question 2, on the decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana, is winning 2-1 in Pittsfield – 18,954 to 7,970.

Question 1, on the elimination of the income tax, failed more than 5 to 1; a ban on greyhound racing is passing, 3-1. Pittsfield is decisive in its decisions – no close calls here. Thanks to Berkshire News Network for providing returns.

Numbers from North Adams haven’t come in yet and it will be awhile before the small towns begin reporting.

Historic Proportions


Those predictions saying the voting public would break records today will definitely include Berkshire County.

By early this afternoon, at least half of the registered voters at polling stations around the county had voted. Williamstown voters had cast just over 2,000 ballots; there are some 4,300 registered voters in town.  Stockbridge was at the halfway point a little before 4 p.m. and Cheshire, well, you had to see it to believe it.

There was a constant stream of traffic in and out of the Senior Center on School Street. Town Clerk Christine Emerson said the flow had been steady all day. Just before 6, about 1,700 people had voted. How many does the town have? 2,358

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MCLA Goes to the Polls

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts is providing students with Election Day shuttle rides to polling locations in the city.

While waiting for the college van, Deborah Anbroseno, 20, of Dennis, said she was excited to vote in her first Presidential election. The junior also said all of her roommates had either sent absentee ballets or were planning on voting after their classes later this evening.

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Signs, Signs, Where are all the Signs??

Having worked in Pittsfield for number of years, I’ve come to anticipate the blooming of signs every election. Yet here we are, with a historic election and controversial ballot initiatives and no signs at the Coltsville Corner or Park Square. One brave woman stood alone at the Park Square intersection urging people to vote to ban greyhound racing. She was lost in the din of the traffic.

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Duff That Joint!!

District Attorney David Capeless took to the streets in Adams this afternoon to rally against Question 2, which would decriminalize possession of small amounts of pot. Capeless has made drug enforcement a priority during his tenure.


Polls are Jumping

s6301399-smallJust leaving St. Anthony’s Parish Center in North Adams, which has seen a steady stream of voters since early\ this morning.

Three ladies who declined to give their names or presidential preference said they were regular voters and,   besides, it was “a beautiful day to vote.” It certainly. This fall day seems more like spring and I’m seeing more t-shirts than overcoats.  But, said one, “it will be more beautiful if the right candidate wins.”

Polling officials say they’re seeing lots of new faces and first-time voters. One young woman was congratulated as she cast her first ballot ever.

Off to South County after a load of technical troubles kept us northbound for too long.

Voting Early


The polls opened at 7 a.m. this morning and city and town clerks are bracing for an influx of voters as the day goes on. Adams and Williamstown were reported busy with lighter voting in North Adams.

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